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Energy Resources

These energy resources have been had chosen to provide you with infroamtion on Energy Matters in the UK.

Energy Assosciations

Assosciation of Energy Producers

The AEP is the leading trade association for the UK electricity market. Their members are all from within the electrivity generation sector and include coal, gas, nuclear power, wind, biomass and water powered electricity producers.

Energy Networks Assosciation

The ENA is an industry body funded by UK gas and electricity transmission and distribution licence holders. They lobby at both the national and transnational governmental level with the views of their memebers


Ofgem is the regulator of all energy related services in the UK. Their job is to ensure effective competition within the energy market and to pursue the needs of consumers within the marketing place


1. bgp - August 8, 2007

AEP = Association of Electricity (not Energy) Producers. Very important to distinguish between electricity and energy. AEP have a mandate to act only on electricity matters, though they will deal in passing with transport fuels and heat to the extent that they relate to their members’ businesses.

You could also look at the Renewable Energy Association (www.r-p-a.org.uk).

2. bgp - August 8, 2007

The Combined Heat & Power Association (CHPA) are another one (www.chpa.co.uk)

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